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I wanted to see my little granddaughter grow up and graduate. That was my main motivation for losing weight.

Meet Mike

Watch Mike and his wife, Ina, talk about their experience with the AspireAssist.*

Mike lives in Sweden with his wife, Ina, and is the proud grandfather of 2-year old Selma. He was trained as a midwife and currently works in the medical technology industry.

My Motivation

I’ve been struggling with my weight since childhood. I didn’t think about my weight that much when I was younger, but it really started to increase after I became a father. About 2 years ago, my doctor said if I don’t do something about my weight, I’ll have a shorter life – by about 10 years. Around that same time, I became a grandfather and I wanted to see my little granddaughter grow up and graduate. That was my main motivation for losing weight.

I looked into different ways to lose weight, and I’d tried everything – Weight Watchers, diets, even a personal trainer. But nothing has been a long-term solution. I decided not to do bariatric surgery, because I know the risk of it.

When I heard about the AspireAssist, I decided, this is it for me! Well, at first, the concept seemed like a crazy idea – but then I thought, this could really work for me, without all the safety issues with a gastric bypass. Some of my friends said I was crazy to get a procedure done, and even my wife wasn’t sure about it. They thought I wasn’t that overweight. But I knew I was in the danger zone with my health.

What appealed to me most is that was a simple outpatient procedure, without full anesthesia, and that in a few years, I can take the device out if I want to.

Mike Before
Mike After


In July 2012 I had the tube placed – I was one of the first in Sweden. I was a little worried about the procedure itself, but it was no problem. It took 15 minutes, and I don’t remember any of it, but I did have pain for about 3 days afterwards. I had the procedure on a Friday, and was back in my office on Monday.

When I started to use the AspireAssist, I was curious about what it would be like at first – at first I thought it was very easy to use, but I quickly realized that being successful required chewing very carefully. But that gives me another advantage – it makes my portion sizes smaller because I eat more slowly now. I’m much more aware of what I’m eating.


To date, I’ve lost 104 pounds (47 kgs). I feel great about that, I love it. The biggest change in my life with this weight loss is my ability to play with my granddaughter. I’m so much more mobile than before. I started exercising again a few months into the therapy – my trainer couldn’t believe my weight loss! I’ve been focusing much more on building muscle mass. Also, I don’t have to take any more medications for diabetes or blood pressure – actually, I don’t take any medications at all anymore!

One of the most fun parts of being my current size is shopping. I love going into a normal store and find my size. I couldn’t do that before, and I hated buying clothes at the “big size” stores.

I’d recommend this to anyone who is obese and is committed to losing weight for good, because it’s been such an easy and positive journey for me. It doesn’t alter your stomach. But you have to be willing to chew your food. The lifestyle counseling, and changing your relationship with food, is essential for success. To keep your weight off for the rest of your life is not a quick fix. It takes work, but it’s worth every single minute.  

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