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The AspireAssist is a really big, great tool. You have to have a healthy lifestyle, and the AspireAssist helps me do that.

Meet Hanna

Watch Hanna discuss her experience with the AspireAssist.*

Hanna, a 35-year old wife and mom to two middle-school aged boys, has been overweight for as long as she can remember. Despite dieting on and off since she was 12, Hanna continued to gain weight as she got older and eventually reached 247 pounds at her heaviest. “It was hard for me to bend over and tie my shoes, stand up to iron the clothes, just normal things.” She knew she had to make a change, but surgery seemed to be too invasive for her. “I didn’t think I was so overweight…but I was.”

A New Beginning

One day she noticed another mom at her sons’ school who had recently lost weight and asked her how she did it. When the mom told her about the AspireAssist, and showed her the button on her skin, Hanna thought it just might be the help she needed. After researching online and attending an information session, she signed up.

“I was really nervous about the procedure, but the staff at the hospital were so nice and calm, so they made me feel calm too. In the end, I don’t even remember it.”

Hanna Before
Hanna After

Hanna’s Results*

At just 10 months post-procedure, she’s lost 77 pounds so far. “It feels amazing. At first, when I saw my reflection in a store window, I didn’t recognize myself. But now I’m used to it!”

The AspireAssist has also helped Hanna live a healthier lifestyle. “I don’t eat so fast anymore, because you have to chew properly, so your portions get smaller. I feel when I’m full now.” Hanna believes that her success is due to her commitment to chewing carefully and aspirating after each meal. “The AspireAssist is a really big, great tool.” She also credits her success to all the support from her medical team, and the support group of others using the same method.

Hanna’s husband has also been supportive from the beginning. “My husband is really happy for me. He says that I look amazing! He’s also happy that I have so much more energy…I can go for a walk, do errands, and I still have energy to play with the children.”

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