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Board of Directors

01: Board of Directors

Katherine D. Crothall, Ph.D

President, CEO and Chairman

Kathy joined Aspire as its President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board in November 2010. Prior to Aspire, Kathy was a Principal at Liberty Venture Partners, a venture capital firm located in Philadelphia, from 2006 until November 2010. Prior to Liberty, Kathy was Founder, President, and CEO of Animas Corporation (NASDAQ: PUMP), a leading manufacturer of insulin infusion pumps located in West Chester, PA, from its inception to its acquisition by Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Corporation (NYSE: JNJ) in February 2006. Prior to Animas, Kathy was also the Founder, President, and CEO of two other medical device companies; Luxar Corporation (Seattle, WA) was founded in 1988 and was sold to ESC Medical (NASDAQ: ESCMF), and Laakmann Electro-Optics, founded in 1978, was sold to Johnson & Johnson in 1981. Kathy continued running Laakmann Electro-Optics for five years post-acquisition.

Kathy received her BS from University of Pennsylvania and her PhD from University of Southern California, both in Electrical Engineering. She holds over 20 patents and is the recipient of several awards including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2003 and the Greater Philadelphia Raymond Rafferty Entrepreneurial Excellence Award in 2004. Kathy is a director of Adhezion BioMedical and Xanitos, Inc. She is also an overseer of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania.

Richard A. Baron

Board Member

Richard A. Baron is the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Globus Medical, a leading musculoskeletal implant manufacturer focused on advancing spinal surgery. Prior to joining Globus, Mr. Baron served as an independent consultant to various early stage biotech and technology companies from April 2011 to January 2012. From May 2008 through April 2011, Mr. Baron served as Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer of Avid Radiopharmaceuticals, a biotech company developing an imaging agent for Alzheimer’s, which was sold to Eli Lilly in November 2011. From March 2007 to June 2008, Mr. Baron served as Senior Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer of eResearch Technology, Inc (NASDQ: ERES). Mr. Baron served as Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer of Animas Corporation, a manufacturer and distributor of Insulin Infusion Pumps , (NASDAQ: PUMP), from May 2000 to through its sale to Johnson & Johnson in February 2007. Prior to that time Mr. Baron served as Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer for Genex Services, a managed care provider for workers compensation and disability and Marsam Pharmaceuticals Inc., a generic manufacturer of injectable anti-infectives and was a manager with the Financial Advisory Services and Emerging Business Services groups at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Mr. Baron is a certified public accountant and holds a B.S. in Economics, concentration in Accounting, from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

William F. Doyle

Board Member

Bill is founder and General Partner of WFD Ventures, a venture capital company focusing on medical devices and healthcare IT. Prior to founding WFD Ventures, he was a member of J&J’s Medical Devices and Diagnostics Group Operating Committee with responsibility for licensing, acquisitions & strategy. During his tenure, J&J added several important franchises, including Cordis Corporation ($3.1 billion 2008 revenue) and DePuy Orthopedics ($5.0 billion 2008 revenue). Bill was also Chairman of J&J’s Medical Devices Research and Development Council, Worldwide President of Biosense-Webster, a director of Cordis Corporation and the medical device director of Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation (J&J's venture capital subsidiary). Prior to J&J, Bill was a senior partner of Insight Venture Partners and a management consultant in the global healthcare practice of McKinsey & Company, where he played a leadership role in establishing J&J’s Ethicon Endo-surgery subsidiary ($4.3 billion 2008 revenue). He was also a founder of Durel Corporation, a joint venture of Rogers Corporation and 3M, and was the first employee of American Superconductor Corporation. Bill holds an S.B. in engineering from MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

William A. Graham, IV

Board Member

Bill has been the majority owner of The Graham Company, one of the largest insurance agencies in the country, since 1972. From 1970 to 1999, he served as President, and currently serves as Chairman, CEO, and President. The Graham Company has provided clients with superior protection and peace of mind for half a century. Bill graduated with a BS degree in Business Administration from Bucknell University, and is on the following Boards: Bucknell University Board of Trustees, Independence Visitor Center Corporation (IVCC), Guest Counts Hospitality, and Xanitos, Inc. He was formerly on the Board of Directors of Animas Corporation (prior to its sale to Johnson & Johnson) and Philadelphia Media Holdings (former parent company of The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Daily News).

David S. Joseph

Board Member

David’s career spans forty years of highly successful hospital management and entrepreneurship as a founder/CEO of five companies involved in surgical lasers, orthopedic biomaterial, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Presently, he is a founder, president and CEO of Avisa Pharma, a respiratory diagnostic company. Prior to Avisa, he was founder, chairman and CEO of Othera Pharmaceuticals, an ophthalmologic specialty-pharma company. Prior to Othera, David was President, CEO, and Chairman of Orthovita, (NASDAQ:VITA) an orthopedics biomaterials company. Prior to Orthovita, he co-founded two other medical device companies, Surgical Laser Technologies, Inc., which became a public company in the late 1980’s and Site Microsurgical Systems, an ophthalmic microsurgical company acquired by Johnson & Johnson. His earlier career included executive director positions in four hospitals beginning in 1966 including the Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, PA. Past board appointments include: Animas Corporation, Morphotek Inc., TLC Vision (NASDAQ:TLCV), and Managed Healthcare Services, Inc. He received the 2005 Raymond Rafferty Entrepreneurial Excellence Award for the Greater Philadelphia Venture Group. He received his MBA in Healthcare Administration in 1966 from Xavier University.

Samuel Klein, MD

Board Member

Dr. Sam Klein, co-founder of Aspire, is the William H. Danforth Professor of Medicine, Director of the Center for Human Nutrition, Director of the Center for Applied Research Sciences, Chief of the Division of Geriatrics and Nutritional Sciences, and Medical Director of the Weight Management Program at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Klein received an MD degree from Temple University Medical School in 1979 and an MS degree in Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1984. He completed residency training in Internal Medicine and a Clinical Nutrition fellowship at University Hospital in Boston, a National Institutes of Health Nutrition and Metabolism Research fellowship at Harvard Medical School, and a Gastroenterology fellowship at The Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York. He is board certified in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, and Nutrition.

Dr. Klein is past-president of the North American Association for the Study of Obesity and the American Society for Clinical Nutrition, and initial chair of the Integrative Physiology of Obesity and Diabetes NIH study section. He was elected to the American Society for Clinical Investigation in 1996 and to the American Association of Physicians in 2008. Dr. Klein has had consistent R01 funding from the National Institutes of Health since 1990, and has published more than 300 papers in nutrition, metabolism, and obesity. He has received several awards for his research, including the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) Miles and Shirley Fiterman Foundation Award in Nutrition, the AGA Masters Award for Outstanding Achievement in Basic or Clinical Research in Digestive Sciences, The Obesity Society TOPS Research Achievement Award and the Daniel P. Schuster Distinguished Investigator Award in Clinical and Translational Science from Washington University School of Medicine.

Thomas R. Morse

Board Member

Tom is founder and principal of Liberty Venture Partners, a venture firm focused on early stage medical devices and healthcare IT. Prior to starting Liberty Venture Partners in 1997, Tom was a partner at Philadelphia Ventures, Inc. Tom acted as one of the lead venture investors, including serving on the Board of Directors, at Animas Corporation, a company founded and previously led by Kathy Crothall, Aspire’s CEO. Besides Animas, Tom has been involved in the financing and growth of over twenty other early stage medical device companies, including Nellcor, Acoustic Imaging Technologies Corporation, Ultracision, Coalescent Surgical, Adhezion BioMedical, Xanitos, and MEDecision.

Tom received his BS in Mechanical Engineering (with honors) from the United States Naval Academy and then served as a nuclear submarine officer before returning to graduate school and earning an MBA in finance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He is a CFA charterholder.