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AspireAssist Cost & Insurance Support
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AspireAssist Cost & Insurance Support

01: Will My Insurance Cover The AspireAssist?

Our experienced team of insurance specialists can help you understand whether your health insurance covers the AspireAssist procedure. If required, we can help you navigate the process of submitting any required information to your insurance company to give you the best possible chance for coverage. We can also help you learn more about financing options with affordable payment plans. Please review the FAQs at the bottom of this page to learn more about this program. 

02: Two Simple Steps to Get Started


Complete the form below. You’ll receive an email right away with an invitation to submit your health insurance information through our secure online portal.


Once we receive your insurance information, we’ll check your benefits and will contact you with the results. It’s that simple! 

Questions? Please call our Aspire Access Program representatives at a time convenient for you, between 9am and 5pm Eastern:


03: FAQs

Can I call my insurance company myself to find out if I’m covered?

Because the AspireAssist is a new technology, many insurance companies will not have the AspireAssist listed by name under “covered procedures”. However, there are procedure codes and office visits codes that are available for the AspireAssist. Because this can be a complex process, we can help ensure that the correct questions are asked to get the best information possible.

Can you help me check my insurance benefits before I’ve had my consultation with a doctor?

Yes. We can start the process of checking your benefits, and help you determine your in-network and out-of-network benefits. However, if additional paperwork is required, we will need to work with your doctor to complete the process. In this case, we will complete the process after you’ve had your consultation, if your doctor authorizes us to assist you. Please note that some physicians do not accept insurance for the AspireAssist.

I know that my insurance covers Bariatric Surgery. Does this mean I am also covered for the AspireAssist?

If your insurance covers bariatric surgery, there is a good chance that the AspireAssist procedure will be partially or fully covered. However, this varies by insurance company/policies and where your procedure is performed. Also, some physicians do not accept insurance coverage for the AspireAssist. Please call our insurance specialists so we can help you understand your benefits: 1-877-203-1058

I have Medicare/Medicaid. Am I covered?

At this time, Medicare does not cover the AspireAssist procedure. If you have Medicaid, full or partial coverage may be possible depending on your plan and physician. Please call our insurance specialists for more details at 1-877-203-1058.


Yes, there are a number of financing options that offer affordable payment plans. Please contact your local physician to see what options they offer. Our Access Program specialists may also have additional financing options available, if your physician does not currently offer financing plans: 1-877-203-1058.